Keystone Healthcare Technologies.
Innovation through Intention

Is your healthcare system maximizing the $86+/patient/year Medicare reimbursement? Are your patients getting the advance directive that they deserve?

Keystone Healthcare Technologies (KHT) reduces friction points in end-of-life transitions for patients, caregivers, and healthcare systems, through the electronic delivery of advance care planning. Our first-to-market SaaS-based solution will be the standard of Advance Care Planning by enabling healthcare systems to efficiently & effectively administer Medicare’s new benefit to their patient populations. Secondary markets, such as self-funded employers and financial service providers as well as public entities, also lack the ability to offer this service to their populations.

Keystone Healthcare Technologies is a social enterprise founded in 2012 by a group of like-minded yet complimentary skilled individuals. We have all been impacted by the need for better healthcare communication and technology. The KHT team has experienced the pain and frustration of terminally ill family members who could no longer communicate their medical wishes. We watched as loved ones were kept alive by machines, all while our families uncomfortably tried to reach a consensus on what their last moments should be. As we reflected on these challenges and the impact of these transitions, we concluded that our loved ones last days could have been more peaceful if we had only known how they had wanted to approach these difficult last moments.

From this experience a mission of purpose and hope was born. Innovation through intention. We knew there had to be a better way, and that solving this problem could help bring comfort to other families in similar circumstances. Using decades of experience in the medical, healthcare, and technology industries, Keystone Healthcare Technologies creates ways towards more compassionate outcomes for individuals and families.

Keystone Advance Care Solutions

Keystone Advance Care Solutions has created the world's first totally digital advance directive platform that provides the tools and knowledge for healthcare providers to efficiently create advance care documents with their patients, maximizing the Medicare reimbursement. Our self-guided and point-and-click technology allows patients to easily create and maintain all of their advance care documents and share them with their loved ones and healthcare teams.

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